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Having trouble managing your test-series evaluation or

Do you wish to automate the way you administer and grade test series?

Up until now, the process of a test series has involved a lot of manual processes, such as getting the orders, Sending Question Papers, Suggested Answers, Evaluated Answershee on email, creating a spreadsheet of the orders, keeping track of students manually, notifying each student about their evaluation, and so on.

But with StepFly, you get the freedom of automating the technical tasks while focusing on what matters most, i.e., growing your revenue and focusing on student satisfaction.

Get an automated solution that is centrally managed and built into your own website for online test evaluation, and gain complete control over your test portal while saving time and money.

Sounds fascinating right?

By teaming up with StepFly,

Stepfly Test Series Partner

Students can:

Easily track their question papers, suggested answers, evaluated answer-sheets.

Get the evaluated answer-sheets on time with personalised remarks from the evaluators

Get notifications about your marks & evaluated sheets via emails, messages, and in-built portal notifications.

Easily log in to their accounts and check the status of their evaluated copies.

Raise tickets to resolve their issues.

Administrators can:

Easily administer, grade, and track test series of students.

Get an inbuilt super-advanced & smooth automated solution for your own websites.

As an administrator, get overall access & track evaluators’ and students’ performances.

Apart from that, get quick insights into the overall performance & statistics in an excel sheet format.

Obtain access to the completed & pending answer sheets.

Track students performance, revenue generated, and analytics of the test series.

Onboard multiple evaluator for checking of test series.

Evaluators can:

get easy access to all the available test series for checking under their portal.

Pick one answer sheet, evaluate it, upload the marks, and then choose the next answer sheet to avoid any confusion.

Report the papers in case of issues and upload the marks scored on the portal itself.

You can easily login from anywhere with your mobile number and OTP at just one click.

Our service is designed to help you grow your revenue by improving the accuracy and efficiency of your evaluation process.

We understand that educators are under pressure to improve student performance while also managing tight budgets.

That's why we're committed to providing a cost-effective solution that helps you get the most out of your test series business.

Get effective solutions for your own websites that will run under your name!

Contact us today at +91 7678032240 to learn more about how we can help you streamline your test-series business and improve student outcomes.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you streamline your testing process and improve student outcomes.

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