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Non academic article for CA students, published on: 23 Sep, 2022

CA student and their Social Life - Is there really any?

As a CA student, one rarely has time to spend for their leisure, pursuing their hobbies, or socialising. An early morning lecture followed by a long, tiring day at the office is a task in itself, and just when you think you have drained all your energy, guess what? You have an evening lecture to attend. After running throughout the day, there never really is time for socialising with anyone, the peak being you not knowing anything about the people you live with, your parents and siblings. During my Articleship days, I used to see my dad only once or twice a week as our schedules followed quite different paths.

Life gets complicated when you gradually lose contact with your friends, lucky are those people who have understanding friends, or you only end up losing people slowly due to lack of communication. Personally, my biggest flex during this journey would be the location of my home, as it took merely 5-7 minutes to reach the office, and coaching, I can only imagine how students in metropolitan spend most of their day commuting and how difficult it can be.

I personally used my leisure time watching Stand Up Comedy or an episode of my favourite series. It’s actually challenging to stay motivated when you see your school/college friends and cousins of your age group having the time of their life and their Insta feeds looking like a long party with fun and vacations, whereas your world somehow gets limited to your room. Every festival, occasion, and celebration usually has the same story of you skipping it to study. All this labour will pay off one day, and everything will make sense. Your future self will be so proud of you for working this hard and not giving up. The day you become CA, the smile and pride you’ll see on your parent’s faces will make all the sleepless nights, early morning lectures, failed attempts, and missed trips worth it.

The social boycott in the student’s life can be a blessing in disguise as you learn to stay accountable for each and every hour spent from an early stage of life, and you are definitely one of the most disciplined people in the crowd, as it's never easy to keep yourself going without regular college or institution. Although sometimes you can feel lost or stuck in life, just remember why you started, and you don’t need to be too hard on yourself every time. My advice for a quick boost of motivation would be:-

Talk to an old friend, it really does make you realise how far you have come and rejuvenate the old enthusiasm within.

Have a good chat with your parents, those are the people who have seen you throughout and are the pillars of the empire you are wishing for.

Meditate and give yourself time to think.

This is my personal favourite, I guess there is nothing a good nap can’t fix, so just switch off all your worries and sleep it off.

- By Ananya Kesarwani